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Dreamland Bar-B-Que

A trail of smoke guided me through a neighborhood to Dreamland Bar-B-Que in Birmingham.  The smell of smoke was my lighthouse.  White bricks with red lettering were the only sign of decoration to the building. As I walked into the restaurant, license plates and beer signs supplied hints of color to the dark booths and tables. The clientele was a mixture of businessmen and blue-collar workers elbow deep in ribs and conversation.

Behind me, there was a man tending to a plethora of ribs in a brick pit. The smell of wood and meat took me back to my grandparent’s house on a Saturday afternoon. My waiter greeted me and I ordered a rack of ribs and fries. Seconds later, a Styrofoam plate filled with white bread and their signature sauce appeared on the table. Such a humble presentation for the most addictive sauce in the universe; spicy, vinegary, with a tomato base.

Shortly after, ribs and fries were piled in front of me. The ribs were drenched in the signature piquant sauce, crispy at the ends, tender on the inside. I dunked the crispy, perfectly seasoned fries in the sauce (I would have drunk it if I weren’t a lady). Full and content, I gazed outside and there was a haze from the smoke billowing away from the restaurant. As I got up to leave, I noticed the paper that my ribs were served on and it read, “Ain’t nothing like ‘em nowhere.” What an appropriate assertion as I venture through the smoke, wake up and get back to reality. Thank you, Dreamland.

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MMM!! I bet those were amazing! I want to go to it when we get back into Birmingham! Please!! 🙂

They are great ribs! A bit on the vinegar side, which is something that Louisiana barbecue doesn’t really embrace. The influences are more from the Carolina region, but it’s such an experience!

Great post of one of my favorite BBQ places. We spent many a times at Dreamland in Mobile, AL, and also at the original location in Tuscaloosa. Ummm…nothin’ like those ribs & sauce!

I want to be in your dreams! I. Could taste the ribs as I read thee story….I think I might have even licked my fingers…….

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