August Favorites | for the love of the south

I have fallen in love with so many great products this month, and I wanted to make sure I shared them with y’all!

(Starting top left, working clockwise)

Ever since I received this stunning Chopper from New West Knifeworks, I’ve been using it to chop almost all of my fruits and veggies. I love the feel of the handle and the length of the blade, and … it’s gorgeous!

Beyond Bacon is a terrific Paleo cookbook that teaches you how to use the WHOLE hog. I love the concept and have many, many recipes dog-eared to make including Savory Bacon Jam… heavenly.

Bathtub Gin Rum Raisin Mission Fig fruit spread is superb… Thompson raisins are soaked in spiced rum and infused with earthy, citrusy, and spicy notes. The first bite of this fabulous fruit spread reminded me of the holidays. Loving this Nashville-based company!

Another beloved Nashville-based company is Olive & Sinclair . Their Sea Salt chocolate has become one of my favorite guiltless pleasures. I adore any dessert that has a wonderful balance of sweet and salty, and this chocolate is utterly sublime.

xoxo, y’all


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