Going to the Chapel

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Flowers are in bloom, love is in the air, a wedding is at hand, and this calls for something special. This punch would present itself on any special occasion in my family. With only two modest ingredients, this punch leaves people constantly asking for the recipe. We always say, “Oh it’s just a little this and that,” secretly embarrassed at the ease of the beverage. Instead of keeping with the tradition of the punch, I decided to do a granita. Mingling the old and the new around a wedding is lovely, taking a bow to the tradition and creating new and lasting ones as well. This dessert is as delicate as a magnolia and will be perfect for your next special occasion. Let it be your something borrowed, as I am sharing my family recipe with you.

Bridal Granita

Recipe: Serves 8

1 liter of Sprite

1 tablespoon of almond extract

Open the liter of Sprite and add the tablespoon of almond extract. Place the cap back on the bottle and let the extract sit in the Sprite for an hour. Pour the mixture into a shallow dish (you may need to use 2 dishes), cover and let sit in the freezer for an hour. After an hour, take a fork and scrape the ice crystals. Place back into the freezer and scrape the ice every 30 minutes until the granita is fluffy and light. Serve in champagne glasses and enjoy!

Bridal Granita_