Illuminating Blogger Award Nomination

The wonderful Laurie from A Taste of Morning has nominated me for an Illuminating Blogger Award! I am so honored and pleased for the consideration of this award. My passion for life is in food, people and my roots! I adore sharing my experiences and love for my family and life with all! The South has made me who I am and I know that I would be lost without it! Thank you also to all of the bloggers out there sharing their wonderful lives with others as well! Everyone has a story to tell, and you tell it so well! Love and best wishes, Amber

Here are the rules: The rules: (1) thank the person who nominated you for the award; (2) share one random thing about yourself; (3) nominate five other bloggers that you think deserve this award

One Random Thing About Myself:

I have an unnatural fetish for mugs!

Five Illuminating Bloggers:

Virginia Plantation 

Mike @ Made By Mike

Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen

green bayou novels

my bird on a wire