Root Beer

Hot, steamy Louisiana summers can be treacherous. I remember as a child playing in the hot summer’s day, I would make up games to cope with the heat. Pretending that I was a prisoner on a secluded island, that I was locked in a scary tanning bed, or I was battling a fire-breathing dragon. At some point, my imagination would get dehydrated and I had to head for the house. On days like this, my great grandmother, Grandma Domingue, would have a treat waiting for my dad and his brothers and sisters on a long, hot day. She crushed ice in this little contraption. It was about a foot tall, ivory on the outside with rows of fangs that lived on the inside. Crushed ice was a treat in itself on a sweltering day but she made it even sweeter with homemade root beer. She poured the root beer over the ice and this became the ultimate treat for the sweaty, blonde tikes. This in itself gave the kids the strength needed to withstand any deserted island and slay the most furious dragon.


Recipe: from Tex Joy : Makes 1 Quart

This recipe isn’t even a recipe! Just add 1 Tbs. of Tex-Joy Root Beer flavoring to a quart of water and sweeten with sugar to taste!