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    1. I just bought your amazing cookbook and used it Sunday, it is AMAZING! I have many and I think this is now my favorite! What a beautifully done and unique cookbook. I love the tips – like adding bourbon to pie crust or making homemade vanilla extract, as well as the ties between stories and recipes. I do have one question – I made and my family devoured the blackberry pie. I was hoping I would find a recipe on your blog for a blueberry pie, and noticed the fillings are quite different for your blackberry and peach pies. Could you tell me how to adapt for blueberry? This crust is my new go to! Thank you, please write another cookbook!

      1. You are too sweet! Thank you so much for the sweet words! I am so happy you are enjoying the book. I have made a blueberry pie using the blackberry pie filling as a guide. I just omitted the cinnamon, and used fresh blueberries instead of frozen since the frozen blueberries have so much juice that’s released while baking. I hope this helps! Keep your eyes peeled for more cookbooks, darling!

  1. Congratulations on the Saveur Food Blog Finale! I think your blog is outstanding, I really love your recipes & photos a lot. The nomination is truly well deserved!

  2. The blackberry pie was absolutely out of this world! My whole house turned their noses up and the idea but once they smelled it, couldn’t resist! The photography for each recipie is stunning and stylistic! There must be great artists behind this web sight. Very excited to try some more recipes!

  3. Thank you so much for your cookbook “For the Love of the South”. I bought the book as a souvenir a few years ago when I was visiting Sonoma. The recipes are so tempting and the pictures are just phenomenal. I made the recipe for bacon and collard greens pappardelle and let me say…it was one of the best meals I’ve ever prepared. I did make my own pasta which pretty much put it over the top. I served it with skin-on, deboned chicken thighs and fried them crispy. Served with a side of sliced cucumbers and onions marinated for awhile (as long as it took to have a cocktail and put things together) in a combination of my homemade pepper vinegar and a bit of sugar. I made this meal for friends, one of whom is a professional chef (no fear here!) and it was truly memorable.
    I love the coffee with chicory and am now on a quest to find some beautiful cafe au lait bowls, such as the one pictured in your book.
    I so appreciate the recipes, the photography and the stories, some of which parallel my own, even though I’m from the very NW part of WA State.

    Best regards,

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